Author: Jeff Koch

04 Apr Will You Be Ready for 2020?

Will You Be Ready for 2020?  I attended an HR Seminar presented by Ultimate Software, and Cecile Leroux spoke about trends in the workplace and how companies might need to adapt before millennials are 75% of the workforce in 2020. She said more than half of all...

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20 Mar Secret Recordings at Work – Are You Prepared?

Are you being recorded? An employee secretly uses his cell phone to record your conversation and then uses that recording to submit an employment claim against you. Another employee secretly records a meeting with multiple participants and then posts the audio file on her personal Facebook...

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06 Mar Stand Up Meetings – Keeping it Short and Sweet

According to Yatin Pawar on UpRaise blog, stand up meetings, where participants remain standing during the brief meeting, provide a quick catch-up of the upcoming as well as previous day’s activities and their intended results. “Short and precise meetings: The idea of a stand-up meeting is...

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