Celebrating World Heart Day

09 Sep Celebrating World Heart Day

World Heart Day takes place each year on September 29th.  This very special day is a chance for people across the globe to take part in the worlds biggest intervention against Cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Enjoy a longer more fulfilling life by making healthier choices.   This year, World Heart Day’s focus will be on creating healthy heart environments.  Its goal is to enlighten people of the healthy heart choices available to them regardless of where they live, work and play.  Most heart diseases and strokes can be prevented by making healthy changes: eating healthy, being active and stopping smoking.  World Heart Day strives to educate individuals, families, communities and governments and encourages them to work together to avoid the physical, emotional and financial burden caused by CVD.  Show your support by joining people in your community and attending a World Heart Day event or by sharing selfies (a photo of yourself making a heart symbol) on your social media pages.

 Take action this September 29th by recognizing World Heart Day.


To learn more about CVD and how to get involved visit their website at http://www.world-heart-federation.org

Christina McDonald, Business Development at Resource Alliance

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