REAL Tips for 2017

20 Sep REAL Tips for 2017

It’s budget season and everyone is looking ways to cut back on their costs.  Resource Alliance (REAL-HR) has some helpful tips to share when considering how you plan on ringing in the New Year.


Attract and Hold onto Bright Talent

Employees are an important asset to ones return on investment.  Hiring good talent and focusing on employee retention are without a doubt, one of the best ways to remain financially sound.  Turnover is costly, but employers can take action by creating a positive work environment so their teams don’t get the itch to leave.  Businesses can accomplish this through offering proper training, employee engagement and by practicing recognition.  Contact REAL-HR to discuss customizing a workplace culture action plan for your greatest asset – your people.


Set High Expectations When it comes to your Broker

Your licensed broker is working FOR YOU and that is exactly what they should be doing.  With all of the new Affordable Care Act changes, the last thing you need is a broker who only shops your benefits and then disappears until next year’s renewal.  REAL-HR’s Benefit Broker division incorporates a service model to handle ALL Benefit administration tasks for your HR department,  while reporting all activity back to the HR team during quarterly strategy meetings.  Because REAL knows and understands your benefits preferences through the quarterly meeting format, most decisions are already made prior to the 60 day renewal period. This  allows REAL plenty of time to investigate competitive quotes with other  carriers ensuring you have the best possible plans at the best possible price.   REAL has designed an “interactive” spreadsheet that is pre-populated with multiple plans and options allowing CEO’s and CFO’s the ability to understand how changes impact both the company and their employees. This allows  renewal decisions to be made in one simple meeting…a painstaking task made easy!


Don’t Confuse a Good Sale with a Good System

Most payroll companies will say their system can do everything you need it to, but does it?  It’s any vendor’s job to sell their product, not the competitor’s offering down the road.  The changes in technology happens in light-speed and there is no way business owners can keep up with all that’s out there.  REAL-HR has tested and used over 13 payroll systems in search of finding the best technology (cost and process efficiencies) for its clients.  While they have found groups that they prefer using, they stand on a vendor neutral position allowing their clients the flexibility to choose for themselves.  Let REAL-HR help you find the payroll system that will work best for you…AND because they do not house their own payroll system, their focus can be on finding you the right one without the influence of a “good sale.”


Christina McDonald, Business Development at Resource Alliance
Christina shares her opinions, not legal advice, about increasing performance and limiting liability.