A Healthy Working You

09 Nov A Healthy Working You

Most of us have good intentions when it comes to our health and well being.  The problem for many of us is finding the time to exercise and having the right resources available to educate ourselves on healthier ways to go about our daily lives.

We spend a lot of our time during the week at work.  Below are some tips to help improve your health while at the workplace.

1.    Plan ahead and surround yourself with things that will help you, not hurt you.  Pack your lunch before heading into work so that you’re not tempted to eat out.  Stock up on snacks that won’t make you feel guilty (e.g., vegetables with hummus, nuts, fruit, etc.).

2.     Take the longer route.  Park further away from the front entry door of your office building… or, better yet, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Take advantage of any opportunity to get a few extra steps in.  Keep track of them on a Fitbit or similar device.  This will help you know how many steps you’ve made throughout the day and remind you of how many more to take before closing time.

3.     Replace your traditional office desk with a standing desk.  It’s no secret that standing is better than sitting. Many companies are now offering standing desk options to their employees.  Take a stand on a better desk plan.

4.     Drink lots of water.  The rule of thumb has always been to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  FormWell Personal Fitness Training encourages individuals to allow their water intake to be equivalent to half their body weight (in ounces) per day.  So, if you weigh 150 lbs., you will want to drink 75 oz. of water in a day.  Add about 12 oz. of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.  The list of benefits to drinking water is endless.  Bottoms up to H2O!

5.     Try kicking old habits to the curb and setting goals for yourself.  Make them realistic, but also challenging.  Show some accountability by sharing your goals with your coworkers.  They will help motivate you.  Also, by seeing positive changes in your life, it’s likely that they will be inspired to make changes of their own.


Christina McDonald, Business Development at Resource Alliance
Christina shares her opinions, not legal advice, about increasing performance and limiting liability.