Is Your Hiring Process Getting Longer?

18 Jan Is Your Hiring Process Getting Longer?

Many recruiters believe the hiring process has expanded from the standard one to four weeks to now taking three to six weeks.

What is causing the delay?

  • Lack of qualified candidates. – Although the candidate pool may often be overwhelmingly full, many companies feel there is a lack of qualified candidates.  Thus, they are taking the time to see more candidates to increase their odds of finding the right person for the position.
  • Too many interview stages. – Some businesses have a five-round (or more) interview stage process in place. With this many stages, it will certainly delay the hiring process.
  • Rejected job offers. – According to a survey conducted by the global search organization MRINetwork, the leading reason that job offers are turned down is due to the acceptance of another job (44%), followed by low compensation packages (25%) and lastly, counteroffers (14%).

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Christina McDonald, Business Development at Resource Alliance
Christina shares her opinions, not legal advice, about increasing performance and limiting liability.