Who Is Paying Attention To Mac?!?

09 Mar Who Is Paying Attention To Mac?!?

For those of you that don’t know the story behind Mac the chameleon, pull up a seat. Years ago, the Resource Alliance team held an internal contest to see who could come up with the best mascot to represent our company. The chameleon was chosen for it’s blending into its surroundings as we do with our clientele.  This is a perfect depiction of how we describe ourselves with each of our clients as we don’t want the employees and the management team to view us as an outsourced provider. We want them to view us as their HR Department, blending into their culture.  We then asked everyone to select a name for the chameleon to personalize it and we came up with “McCoy” and someone added “REAL” (short for Resource Alliance)…and the name The REAL McCoy was born. Mac became his nickname (short for REAL McCoy).

Are you still paying attention? We have an ongoing internal activity called “Where’s Mac?” (similar to the “Where’s Waldo?” concept from the late 80’s). We snap photos with Mac, share them with one another, and then look to see where he is. It’s a great way to engage with one another while including our pal (and what we stand for) Mac.

REAL wants you to join in on the fun! Find Mac and enter for your chance to win a FitBit Surge GPS Watch (value of up to $249.99). Be on the look out for a photo of Mac in the April Newsletter. It will be hidden within one of the articles.   Once you find Mac, simply respond to the email you received our monthly newsletter from and describe where is he is located. Please be sure to include your phone number when responding. There will be one lucky winner and he/she will be announced in the May Newsletter.

Wishing you REAL luck!

Christina McDonald, Business Development at Resource Alliance
Christina shares her opinions, not legal advice, about increasing performance and limiting liability.