The Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Your Admins

10 Mar The Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Your Admins

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Think you know everything about your administrative staff’s potential? This survey shows that you may still have a lot to learn.

You no doubt hired your administrative staff due to the strong administrative skills they brought to the table. But have you tapped into their full range of talents? A survey conducted by OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals® (IAAP®) as part of the Office of the Future research project found that many employers aren’t utilizing all of the administrative skills their admins have to offer. Half of the administrative professionals surveyed said they have skills that aren’t being tapped and another 7 percent feel completely underutilized.

Here are some areas where they may be able to help in your office:

  1. Technology

While 49 percent of administrative professionals surveyed said their supervisors have asked for assistance with technology training and support, another 46 percent said they’d like to be involved in this area. Take the time to find out the extent of your administrative staff’s tech expertise and encourage them play a greater role with technology-related tasks, like providing input on related purchasing decisions or assisting team members with software questions.

  1. Social Media

Many admins are quite savvy with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. However, only 21 percent of support staff said their managers have asked them for assistance with social media tasks, such as updating the company profile information or images, monitoring user comments or feedback, or writing social media posts.

  1. Social Responsibility

Forty-two percent of administrative workers want to help out with social responsibility. Millennials and Generation Z, in particular, want to work for socially conscious companies, so providing assignments in this area can make you an attractive employer. Some social responsibility duties your admins can help with include volunteer activities, fundraising for nonprofits and environmental or “green” initiatives.

  1. Event Planning

Administrative professionals may already be helping to plan company events such as office celebrations and award programs, but they can also play a role in organizing mission-critical corporate on- and off-site gatherings, client functions, virtual meetings and conferences. Nearly half (48 percent) of admins surveyed said they’d like to help more with event planning.

  1. Hiring

Screening resumes and interviewing candidates can be a time-consuming process, so why not have your administrative staff help you out? Forty-seven percent of admins polled said they’d like to pitch in with hiring other administrative personnel. Who better to assess an applicant’s administrative skills than someone who knows precisely what your team needs

These are just a few areas where administrative professionals feel they can offer more value to their companies. For a complete list, along with tips for recruiting administrative staff and motivating those on your team, download a free copy of How to Hire All-Star Administrative Professionals and Maximize Their Potential.