How Do You Keep Good People?

06 Apr How Do You Keep Good People?

What’s the biggest challenge in the workplace today? It’s keeping good people. Andy and I had the pleasure of facilitating several discussion groups at a recent IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) gathering, and several themes emerged that are worth sharing. We asked, “What works?”

In addition to having a well-planned onboarding process, competitive pay and benefits, a diverse workforce, and efficient technology, each group agreed on these points from a Robert Half blog:

  • Say thanks. Be specific. Be sincere. Let them know when you’re pleased. Document it.
  • Ask for their opinions. They’ll appreciate the respect for their ideas and will provide solutions.
  • Help them grow. Encourage and support (pay for) seminars, certifications and conferences.
  • Give them a glimpse of the future. Spell out career paths and opportunities and provide training and mentoring to help them advance to the next level. If they feel they’ve hit the wall, they’ll leave.
  • Be flexible. Allow your folks to meet personal demands and think progressively about work/life balance. As millennials become the largest population in the workforce, this could be the difference between attracting and retaining talent or struggling to fill your roles.
  • Celebrate.  Enjoy successes and mark special occasions. Have fun!


Scott Mastley, SPHR, MBA, is the Vice President of Human Resources for Resource Alliance.
Scott is a consultant, not an attorney, so he shares his opinions, not legal advice, about increasing performance and limiting liability.