Eating Healthy While Traveling On The Road

07 Jul Eating Healthy While Traveling On The Road

This post is brought to you by Rami Odeh, President of FormWell Fitness.

Some of you may be heading out of town on a road trip this summer, to the beach, to visit family, etc. Here are just a few tips to keep yourself at least somewhat healthy while on the road without giving into fast-food temptations on billboards.

1. Locate the healthier foods at the convenience store: stay out of the candy aisle! Some examples: hard-boiled eggs, yogurts, cheese sticks, energy/granola bars (watch the sugar), fruit, and even healthier drink options like low sugar protein shakes, coconut water, flavored seltzer, or milk!

2. Create “mixed drinks”. This works especially well if you have kids that want to buy that chocolate milk or that soda in the fridge at the convenience store. Try purchasing a healthy drink and less healthy drink and mix the two to create something such as : 1/3 chocolate milk, 2/3 regular or low-fat milk, or 1/3 real fruit juice, 2/3 seltzer.

3. Choose the right granola bars! Look for ones with lowest amounts of sugar, made with whole grains, nuts and dried fruits, and some protein!

4. Eat a real meal. Stop along the way for an actual meal, so that you don’t end up driving with a Big Mac in your lap while driving. Try looking for a quick, sit-down restaurant that offers healthier options (example might be Panera which offers salads, or another sit-down restaurant with a larger menu that allows for more changes to be made to what is ordered).

5. Keep a water bottle in the car with you so that you can refill it at the fountain drink areas of wherever you stop along the way. Most places have a little water button next to their lemonade or iced tea that you could use to hydrate with.

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