Work Smarter To Attract, Retain And Engage Your Talent

11 Aug Work Smarter To Attract, Retain And Engage Your Talent

This post is brought to you by Chris Baudler, Partner and Talent Strategy Lead with The Robby Group.

Employer branding is on the mind of a lot of leaders these days. Employers are working harder than ever to attract, retain and engage their talent, and a strong employer brand creates a unified message that allows organizations to stand out in the marketplace.

The war for talent has been going on for nearly two decades and with a few minor bumps (great recession), the war will once again return to full strength. High potential employees are well aware and their updated resumes are one click away from a future employer. For the companies who have been sitting on their hunches and not working hard to strengthen their employer brand, the reality of today’s ultra-competitive work environment will soon hit them full force.

While it’s never too late to reign employees back in, most organizations are behind in the game. Savvy organizations have been developing well branded employer and human capital strategies that will allow them to retain most, if not all of their key talent. For the rest of the companies out there these forward thinkers will draw the awareness and interest (read: resumes) of those employees you couldn’t afford to lose. How many employees will leave and how soon they will pack their bags is up to what you do today.

There are 4 steps to getting started on a path of recovery and positive employee branding:
•Step 1: Ask yourself why someone would leave your organization.
•Step 2: Realize its not for better pay (or ping pong ball tables).
•Step 3: Admit there might be a disconnect between what employees want and need, and what your organization is currently providing.
•Step 4: Design an employer brand that is integrated into your human capital strategy, and is the envy of all the other organizations.

Stop one of your employees today and ask them why someone would consider leaving your organization. This exercise is called problem analysis. This simple exercise will provide you two things:
1.Insights from your front line employees who already know where company issues lie. In fact, they’ve known for years.
2.An understanding of how much your employees truly care about the the success of your organization.

It will then be your job to turn these issues into opportunities and demonstrate your commitment to a better working environment and employee experience.

You can win the war for talent. Start fighting for your employees today, and your employees, customers and leadership will thank you tomorrow.

Chris Baudler is an expert in HR strategy, employer and talent branding, performance management, analytics, and big data. He helps companies and executive teams create talent strategies that drive engagement, collaboration, performance, and retention.