Stand Up Meetings – Keeping it Short and Sweet

06 Mar Stand Up Meetings – Keeping it Short and Sweet

According to Yatin Pawar on UpRaise blog, stand up meetings, where participants remain standing during the brief meeting, provide a quick catch-up of the upcoming as well as previous day’s activities and their intended results.

Short and precise meetings: The idea of a stand-up meeting is to ensure a brief discussion of important issues, current challenges and their solutions. Once the core issues are discussed, the team can quickly disperse to carry out that day’s initiatives.

Setting focused checklist for the day: When you have a short and precise list of activities to accomplish in a day, you tend to be more focused. Do not keep more that 3-4 activities on your agenda. If you clutter your list with too many activities, you may be unable to prioritize.”

He suggests following the “Scrum” framework by asking:

  • What did I accomplish yesterday?
  • What will I do today?
  • What obstacles are impeding my progress?


Mr. Pawar recommends avoiding the following to keep stand ups effective:

  • trivial and technical discussions  
  • delaying decisions on important points
  • inactive participants
  • distracting locations


Excerpted from Yatin Pawar’s article “Standup meetings: Benefits & Cautions” originally published on UpRaise Blog