Will You Be Ready for 2020?

04 Apr Will You Be Ready for 2020?

Will You Be Ready for 2020?

 I attended an HR Seminar presented by Ultimate Software, and Cecile Leroux spoke about trends in the workplace and how companies might need to adapt before millennials are 75% of the workforce in 2020.

She said more than half of all executives have a negative perception of employees working from home, but the soon-to-be largest population of workers value flexibility and growth. According to Leroux, employees want:

• Time to do their work—less meetings;
• Flexibility to meet life’s needs;
• Technology to be more efficient; and
• The right training at the right time to enable growth.

Sensing the discomfort in the room, Leroux said, “You have the option not to change.” She did not add, “…if you want to be left behind.” It was implied. The year 2020 is right around the corner. Will you be ready to attract and retain the best talent if they expect flexibility, technology, and rapid growth?


Written by Scott Mastley, SPHR, MBA. Scott is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Resource Alliance. Scott is a consultant, not an attorney, so he shares his opinions, not legal advice, about increasing performance and limiting liability.


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