Stress Management – 4 Quick Tips to Success

Stress Management - 4 Quick Tips to Success

21 Aug Stress Management – 4 Quick Tips to Success

Stress management is one of the more common workplace challenges and also one of the most difficult to overcome. We all face stress. The challenge is to remove all unnecessary stress and then manage the rest.

This has been proven to lead to many health challenges and conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and more.

Work-related stress often manifests when work requirements exceed the capacity and capability of the individual and the employer expects too much from the employee.

It can also arise from unclear goals and duties or an uncomfortable situation in the workplace resulting in high turnover and absenteeism.  An HR Manager plays a major role in finding solutions to diagnose and treat the problem. Here are 4 tips for success in stress management.

Stress Management Tips

  • Communicate and engage with employees regarding stress management, determine areas with a high level of stress in the workplace, and identify solutions to improve these situations.
  • Work with management to prevent harassment and bullying or other uncomfortable situations.
  • Establish programs and policies to promote well-being and the health of employees.
  • Work with managers to empower employees experiencing stress and help them return to work.

It is vitally important to be aware of the stress your team is under and take the lead in managing the causes and triggers. Every team member still has an individual responsibility to work on their own emotional intelligence to help mitigate and manage stress.

However there is plenty of opportunities to be proactive, identity key stressors, and make better decisions for your team.