Compassion – Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue

16 Oct Compassion – Fatigue

With today’s risk from COVID-19, who isn’t stressed?  In the unfolding pandemic, individuals may experience a wide range of emotions, mentally, physically, and financially, scared of what the future might hold and how they will adapt to the new normal.  It’s important to have a plan to effectively help manage employee anxiety and distress and show compassion during this situation.  Compassionate leadership includes letting your employees know that there are many things they cannot change or control in these uncertain times and focus on things they can:

  • Talk about your feelings – Instead of emailing a colleague, pick up the phone to really connect.
  • Take care of yourself – Watch what you eat and drink, exercise, and stay as healthy as possible.
  • Practice gratitude – Good things happen all the time.  Be aware of them and realize the things you are grateful for making a huge difference in your day to day well-being.
  • Turn off the news – Reading every article and watching every news show is not always the best way to reduce your anxiety. 
  • Keep a routine – Having a consistent routine will put your control. 
  • Take breaks to retune and set boundaries between work and personal time.

Know that it is OK not to do everything perfectly in these stressful times. Cut yourself and others some slack and be kind to one another.