Performance Reviews – Coaching and Feedback

Performance Reviews – Employees Still Need Coaching and Feedback

16 Oct Performance Reviews – Coaching and Feedback

It’s a new world out there and we have evolved past the old-school performance review of a manager’s evaluation of their employee’s performance in the past year.  These one-sided conversations can make employees feel judged, disengaged, lead to move turnover, more absenteeism, and less productivity.  

Modern HR practices encourage businesses and managers to improve the experience by using a 360⁰ feedback technique to get responses on performance, strengths, weaknesses, and progress towards goals from the employee, the manager, and peers.  Companies get the most out of reviews when the feedback flows in all directions, helping to identify and correct problems and giving employees a voice in the process.  Tips for a good review:

  • Be prepared: 
    • Managers should consider feedback from previous reviews to see what progress has been made, what goals have been met, how the employee has done well, and what needs to change.
  • Be specific: 
    • During the review, give employees clarity on how they are excelling and showroom for improvement.
    • Use detailed examples to show them how they have excelled or faced challenges impacting the business.
  • Be Positive:
    • Use the conversation to set expectations for future performance for both the manager and the employee.
    • Continue real-time feedback and real-time coaching to motivate employees catching them performing well and use the opportunity to reinforce good behavior, grow their strengths, and get them closer to their goals!