LEAN Consulting Process


REAL HR is very proud of our LEAN Enterprise Service Center.  LEAN is a mindset relentlessly focused on identifying and reducing non-value added procedures.  The end result is that our clients and their employees receive the highest quality of service from our team.


Our organization has gone through LEAN for the following reasons:


  • Documentation of procedures
  • Establish baseline standard workflow
  • Eliminate waste (non-value added activities)
  • Map out continuous improvement


Standardization of workflow does several things for our organization:


  • Simplifies training which allows for growth while maintaining quality service
  • Creates a baseline for continuous improvement
  • Redeploys resources for peaks and valleys in workflow


Taking LEAN principles to our clients


  • Recognize a more efficient workflow in your Human Resources Department
  • Eliminate wasted time and money doing non-revenue generating activities
  • Redeploy resources for other activities such as training and workplace safety