04 May Unexpected Consequences

A young man has a few beers with friends and heads home to have dinner with his family. He is confident that he can drive home safely. He does not expect to get in a wreck. Wrecks are not planned, though, and he has been...

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04 May Too Late to Terminate?

As HR professionals we get two common calls about the timing of termination decisions: 1.      Manager calls Human Resources from the field and asks, “Can I terminate this employee? He is driving me crazy, calling in all the time, and messing up my schedule.”...

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04 May Time for Training

Managers ask, “What if I invest the time and money in employee training, and then they leave the company?” John Maxwell, author of over twenty books on management and leadership, responds, “What if you don’t train them, and they stay?” When you make the time to...

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01 May Injury Trends

Would you like to know what is causing injuries at work?  The best way to focus your safety efforts is to start by reviewing the workplace injuries from the last few years.  Look at the trends, the things that contribute to injury causes, and prioritize...

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01 May Marijuana is a Hot Topic

Marijuana is a hot topic, and you might be wondering how recent changes in some state laws will affect our Drug Free Workplace Policy.  As things stand right now, they won’t change anything. Only two states have passed laws allowing recreational use of marijuana (Colorado...

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10 Apr 2015 SHRM-Atlanta Pegasus Award Nominations

Congratulation to all of you for being nominated for the 2015 SHRM-Atlanta Pegasus Awards.  Just by being nominated, you’ve proven that you are a true asset to your organization and to the HR industry.  Our judges have been busy over the past week, reviewing all...

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