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10 Dec President Increases OSHA Penalties

  President Obama signed the bipartisan budget act into law in November, and it included a surprise for those who didn’t take the time to read it. It requires mandatory upward adjustments of multiple civil penalties, including OSHA penalties. OSHA issues citations for various levels of violations....

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04 May Marketing Makes It Stick – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Your only limits are the limits of your imagination. Be creative. Decide what your message is, possibly “If you See it, Say it” or something about speaking up when there are concerns. I recently heard a speaker suggest “I Pee Clearly Now”...

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04 May Marketing Makes It Stick – Part 1

The Coca-Cola Company has a logo of a bottle cap that says, “Always Safety” on it. Around the bottle cap the message reads, “On Top of Everything We Do.” It is relevant to their business, catchy, and sends the right signals. But, before you get...

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04 May Safety Habits

Safety is just as important as customer service, marketing, and maintenance. Each contributes to profitability, and each is every employee’s concern. Safety is an integral responsibility in every position. Developing a culture of safety in the workplace starts by defining safety as a value of...

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04 May Time for Training

Managers ask, “What if I invest the time and money in employee training, and then they leave the company?” John Maxwell, author of over twenty books on management and leadership, responds, “What if you don’t train them, and they stay?” When you make the time to...

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01 May Injury Trends

Would you like to know what is causing injuries at work?  The best way to focus your safety efforts is to start by reviewing the workplace injuries from the last few years.  Look at the trends, the things that contribute to injury causes, and prioritize...

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