HR Consulting

Compliance Management

Staying abreast of new legislation that affects how you interact with your employees is a burden for all employers: FMLA, FLSA, ADA(AA), FCRA, GINA, Title VII, HIPAA – all impact your daily work world.  What’s more, your bottom line will suffer if you are in violation of any of these laws!


We assist our clients in managing the potential liability through comprehensive HR assessments of items such as:


• Employee handbooks
• Policies and procedures
• Employee file maintenance
• Management practices
• Communication materials
• Employment and termination processes
• HR forms
• Background checks & drug screens
• Unemployment claims


Employee Relations

What you say and how you say it – there are so many critical points when discussing employment issues with your employees.  Resource Alliance partners with clients to support the goals and objectives of the company.  There are many options for dealing with employee issues, and we provide many tools to assist you and your team, including:


• HR support during employee counseling sessions
• Documentation/forms that comply with state and federal law
• Conducting investigations for employee issues such as: discrimination, harassment, theft, etc.
• Preparation for unemployment appeals hearings
• Termination decisions


Ad Hoc Projects

Our clients tailor our services to meet their needs.  Some need daily, on-site administration; some prefer weekly or monthly reviews with help as needed; and others engage us to simply assist in special projects, such as:


• A thorough audit of policies, processes and compliance
• Job Descriptions
• Performance Evaluations
• Employee Handbooks
• Benchmarking
• Strategic HR Initiatives


Whatever your needs, Resource Alliance allows you to tailor a program that matches your specific needs.  We are here to work for your organization – not against it!