Data that is captured, collected and stored by the Higginbotham REAL HR  Web server (browser type, browser version, operating system, remote IP address, pages visited, referring pages) are used only for statistical and analytical purposes, to help us improve site usability.
Website forms which collect visitor data for population of a database for applications for health insurance use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The data collected in such forms are used exclusively for the purpose stated on the Website and retained according to state-approved records retention schedules.

E-mail messages sent to the “Webmaster” will be answered by personnel of the Web Services division of Information Technology Services or forwarded to another individual at to be answered. E-mail Higginbotham REAL HR messages sent to the “Webmaster” and copies of replies may be kept and reviewed to help ensure the relevance of information presented in this Website and the usefulness of our response system. E-mail messages sent to the e-mail contacts for site owners will be answered by those account holders or their designees.

Security of Private Information
Higginbotham REAL HR assures our Website visitors of the privacy and integrity of any and all information collected via the Website, both in transit and in storage. Higginbotham REAL HR faithfully honors and executes its special responsibilities under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect individuals’ information.